Leaked Adriana Kuch of New Jersey bullying video goes viral after she dies of suicide

Leaked Adriana Kuch of New Jersey bullying video goes viral after she dies of – Adriana Kuch, a 14-year-old from New Jersey, committed suicide after a disturbing bullying video showing girls severely beating her in the hallway of her high school went viral online.

Her bereaved father has now vowed to honor her memory by calling attention to a failing educational system that, in his opinion, ignored significant bullying at schools.

Adriana Kuch, a student at Central Regional High School, was discovered dead at her house on February 3—two days after the shocking video went viral.

A student approaches Adriana as she and her boyfriend are walking down the hallway of their public high school and begins slapping her in the face with a water bottle.

Adriana Kuch of New Jersey bullying video goes viral on Twitter and Reddit after she dies of suicide

What we see here is extremely unsettling. Adriana tumbles to the ground, where she is repeatedly kicked and punched by a group of students. The student who recorded the spooky video can be heard cheering as well. Two students from the school intervened to halt the assault after about 30 seconds.

Adriana had severe bruises on her face and legs as a result of the assault on February 1. Michael Kush, Adriana’s father, was horrified to learn about the bullying. He claimed to have taken his 14-year-old son to the neighborhood police station to file a report about what had occurred.

Adriana Kuch was bring abused from long time

Aside from that, the father claimed that his daughter had shown him videos of users of TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. After the assault, making fun of her and threatening her. At the nearby high school, Adriana’s peers allegedly teased her for weeks.

Even though Michael reported the incident to the school staff, he claimed that “no one did anything” as a result. Two days later, Adriana’s family discovered her dead in her New Jersey home.

Michael announced that he would sue the school. If the school and the police had responded immediately, according to Michael, his daughter might still be alive today.

All of Central Regional High School’s students received a note on February 5 informing them of the “tragic death” of a district student. The school also provided information on crisis professionals and counseling, saying, “Please know that you are never alone in the world and that there is always support during difficult times to help change things for the better. “.

Adriana Kuch not the only child with bullying issue

Adriana is not the first student to experience significant physical abuse and cyberbullying at school. Michael shared videos from other parents whose children had experienced bullying at school without the administration of the school taking any action.

Three of the students in the video were facing third-degree felony assault charges as of Thursday night. Another charge of disorderly conduct was brought against the fourth. The four high school students who participated in the assault have all been expelled from their institution.