(Watch) Video Link Of a SAPS woman who has a tlof tlof with a child appears to go viral

(Watch) Video Link Of SAPS woman who has a tlof tlof with a child appears to go viralsketchuppost.comVideo footage of a South African policewoman having s3*x with her son has surfaced online. Admin provide the video below.

Until now, there has been no information related to this happening and SAPS has not issued a statement.

Updates that a Limpopo official had se*x with a child went viral

The video shows a naked woman lying on a bed. The camera then shows a young man, also naked, holding the woman’s thighs.

According to one translation, the woman tells the boy to be on top of her and continues to cheer her on even though the boy tells her he doesn’t know how.

According to the Daily Sun, the boy is the son of a policeman, but police cannot confirm that. Brigadier General Motrafera Mojapero, a spokesman for the state police, said the woman next appeared at Marble Hall Magistrates’ Court.

Mohapero said the woman was accused of raping a minor, sexually grooming a child, and producing and distributing child pornography. He added that the identity of the woman would not be revealed to protect the identity of the man who was sent to a safe place.

The case has been dismissed and the woman will appear in court next week and plans to apply for her formal bail. Speaking to IOL, Lizzie Sabing, a spokeswoman for the Independent Police Directorate of Investigation, confirmed that the sheriff was aware of the matter.

“This is a very concerning incident and Ipid has appointed its own investigator to look into this matter so that we can start our own investigation,” said Soping. Meanwhile, the police asked residents not to share the video.

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