The Following Hot Off the Press: New Themes for January 2023

The Following Hot Off the Press: New Themes for January – The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Below, you’ll find four new themes we’ve added to our library, featuring beautiful options for food-based businesses, podcasters, and bloggers. To install one of the themes listed below, click on the name of the theme of your choice, which will take you directly to the installation page.

Then click on the “Activate this theme” button. If you click Open Live Demo, you will also see a clickable version and a drop-down list of the theme that you can preview.

Premium themes are free for all users with a premium plan or higher, or can be purchased separately for free site or personal plan users. You can explore all of our themes by going to the Themes page located under Themes in the left menu of your dashboard. Or click here:

Twenty Twenty-Three

Twenty Twenty-Three was developed to take advantage of the new design tools introduced in WordPress 6.1.

This default theme starts off with a clean, empty base and comes with 10 style variations created by members of the WordPress community.

Whether you want to create a complex website or a very simple one, you can create it quickly and directly using the included styles, or create your own and fully customize it.

Tazza (Premium Theme)

Tazza puts the spotlight on your products and your customers. This theme leverages Woo Commerce to provide you with intuitive product navigation and the patterns you need to master digital merchandising.


Calyx is a minimalist theme designed for single-page websites. Featuring a coming-soon pattern on the homepage, Calyx is a perfect choice to spread the word about the upcoming opening of a cafe, restaurant, or bar.


Muscat is a simple blogging theme with grid post templates and a centered post layout. Its geometric sans-serif typography contributes to a delightful, comfortable, and modern reading experience.


The volume is a bold and whimsical theme created with music education in mind. Use site editor tools and relevant templates to create a unique experience. Stay tuned for updates on new themes, templates, blocks, and other exciting product updates! Don’t forget to click below to see the full offer of topics we offer.